Santoro’s Books has closed its retail shop but we continue to fulfill bulk orders to schools and other organizations. We offer discounts, 21-day billing, and free shipping within the greater Seattle area. A minimum of 10 books is required. You can still reach us at this e-mail address: or this phone number: 206-784-2113. More details can be found in the School Orders section of our website.

Quote of the Month

“…the world of books is a romantic world. Romance structures literary life, and to be a reader is, often, to follow its choreography, from susceptibility and discovery (“I just saw it there in the bookstore!”) to infatuation, intimacy, identification, and obsession. We connect with books in an intellectual way, but the most valuable relationships we have with them are emotional; to say that you merely admire or respect a book is, on some level, to insult it. Feelings are so fundamental to literary life that it can be hard to imagine a way of relating to literature that doesn’t involve loving it. Without all those emotions, what would reading be?”
Book review by Joshua Rothman in The New Yorker
Loving Literature: A Cultural History, by Deidre Shauna Lync



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