Welcome to Santoro’s Books. We are a one-stop book ordering and delivery service for schools and other organizations, with access to all books in print, including non-English (or bilingual) language editions.  Among our many personal services we offer:

– Free delivery in the greater Seattle area.
– Discounts that are frequently better than the online retailer.
– Price quotes (we’ll work within your budget).
– Twenty-one day billing.
– Return options.
– Title recommendations (give us your subjects – we’ll provide a title list).
– Anything else we can do to make your life easier – at least as far as book ordering is concerned.

You can reach us at this e-mail address: carol@santorosbooks.com  More details can be found in the School Orders section of our website.


Quote of the Month
Written by George Sand in 1837:
“The best education would include development of both intelligence and heart. Instruction should be made persuasive and eloquent not by speech alone but by example. The simplest man, the most untutored mother, could nurture a child’s affections and implant in his mind ideas of justice, honesty, pride and self-respect…Children must learn that friendship is based on merit, and that it is won or lost according as they are strong or weak, devoted to others or egotistically centered on self…What can be expected of the child who loves to triumph through the defeat of his comrades or who derives his highest satisfaction from being publicly crowned for having
an extra crease in the gray matter of his brain? He will never be more than a jealous poet, a sly, envious artist, or an office-holder infatuated with his silly popularity.”
~George Sand from The Intimate Journal of George Sand, edited and translated by Marie Jenney Howe

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