Welcome to Santoro’s Books. We are a unique book ordering and delivery service. We cater mainly to educators, but we are able to deliver any book in print. Among our many personal services we offer: free delivery in the greater Seattle area; discounts that are frequently better than the online retailer; price quotes (we’ll work within your budget); 21-day billing; return options; title recommendations (give us your subjects – we’ll provide a title list); and anything else we can do to make your life easier – at least as far as book ordering is concerned.
You can reach us at this e-mail address: carol@santorosbooks.com or this phone number: 206-784-2113. More details can be found in the School Orders section of our website.

Page Ahead Book Drive – Update May 5, 2015

This Thursday we will be delivering over 300 books to Page Ahead, an organization that gives new books to children in need. I am so appreciative of your support and so is Page Ahead. Thank you for your generosity!

Quote of the Month

“My heart begins to lift. I can see myself sitting all day in my chair, immersed in lives, plots and sentences, intoxicated by words and chimeras, paralyzed by satisfaction and contentment, reading until the deepening twilight, until I can no longer make out the words, until my mind begins to wander, until my aching muscles are no longer able to keep the book aloft. Joy is the anticipation of joy.”
~Rabih Alameddine from An Unnecessary Woman

Thank you for supporting small businesses.

Santoro’s Books can be reached at:
1416 NW 46th St., Suite 105, PMB 144
Seattle, WA 98107
(206) 784-2113