Welcome to Santoro’s Books. Ordering books for your classroom or library is our specialty. All it takes is a minimum order of 10 books. Give us your list of books – we’ll let you know price, availability and date of delivery. We have access to any book in print, including textbooks and foreign language editions. Don’t know exactly what you want? Tell us your areas of interest, reading levels, etc. and we’ll create a recommended title list for you, complete with descriptions and reviews. Just send us an email to start the process carol@santorosbooks.com 

Among our many personal services we offer:

– Free delivery in the greater Seattle area.
– Discounts that are frequently better than the online retailer.
– Price quotes (we’ll work within your budget).
– Twenty-one day billing.
– Return options.
– Title recommendations (give us your subjects – we’ll provide a title list).
– Anything else we can do to make your life easier – at least as far as book ordering is concerned.

More details can be found in the School Orders section of our website.


Quote of the Month

“Every story seeks, in Emerson’s words, the ‘invisible and imponderable.’ Faith, loss, emotional contact. But to get there, oddly enough, the storyteller must use the visible, the physical, the eminently tangible: the reader, first and foremost, must be convinced. And details – the right details in the right places – are what do the convincing. The ringing mouth of a 9-ton bell, green with verdigris, shows itself then sweeps away again. A gilded carpet unfurls from a balcony. Two three-story curtains ripple, then part. A man steps into the light.

The glory of architecture, the puffing chimney, the starched white robe – these details are carefully chosen; they are there to reinforce majesty, divinity, to assure us that what is said to be happening actually is happening.

And doesn’t a writer do the same thing? She hunts down the most vivid details and links them in sequences that will let a reader see, smell, and hear a world that seems complete in itself; …then stands back and hopes whoever might come to see it will believe.

As I work on yet another draft of my story, I try to remember these lessons. A journal entry is for its writer, it helps its writer refine, perceive, and process the world – the one particular world of the story, which is an invention, a dream. A writer manufactures a dream. And each draft should present a version of that dream that is more precisely rendered and more consistently sustained than the last.”

Anthony Doerr, Four Seasons in Rome


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